About Us

GHG Journal of Sixth Thought is a peer-reviewed, bi-annually published Journal dedicated to research and investigations in the field of education. The concept of Sixth Thought coincides with sixth sense of human beings and it also reflects the philosophy of sixth Sikh Guru who advocated the philosophy of 'Miri-Piri'. GHG Journal of Sixth Thought will provide a common platform for collaboration among educationists, academicians, philosophers, psychologists and administrators. It is dedicated to research and scholarship which aims at advancement and creation of knowledge to refine the practice of education. It is committed to publish research papers and articles concerning best practices at different levels of education viz. elementary, secondary and higher education. It will give a comprehensive knowledge to the readers on recent trends in educational research and practices. Although, primarily, devoted to original research papers, the journal also welcomes reviews on current topics of special interest and relevance. We hope, all the stakeholders will use this publication for engaging in conversation for the welfare of society.


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