Sr No. Date Title Click to View
1 07-11-2020 kavita ate baal kahania national webinar
2 10-10-2020 Day 6 II NAAC RAF II Criteria VI by Dr. Jyoti Patil II Institutional Values and Best Practices
3 11-09-2020 National Policy on Education: 2020 II PANEL DISCUSSION
4 09-09-2020 Teaching of Guru Teg Bahudar Ji: One Day National Webinar
5 21-08-2020 DAY 5 NAAC RAF II Criterion Vā€“ Student Support and Progression II Dr. Khushvinder Kumar
6 20-08-2020 International webinar (July 07-08, 2020) Day 2 Ms Jasleen Singh
7 20-08-2020 DAY 3 NAAC-RAF Criterion III: - Research, Innovations and Extension by Prof. (Dr) E. Ramganesh
8 20-08-2020 Day 4 II NAAC RAF Criterion IV ā€“ Infrastructure and Learning Resources II Dr. Shirish Chindhade
9 18-08-2020 DAY 1 Keynote Address II NAAC RAF- Resolving the Practical Snags II by Prof. E. Ramganesh
10 18-08-2020 DAY 1 II NAAC RAF Resolving the Practical Snags IICriteria I by Dr Jyoti Patil II Curricular Aspects
11 18-08-2020 DAY 2 II GHG NAAC RAF Workshop II Criteria II by Prof. A. K. Rath II Teaching-Learning & Evaluation