The college envisages to produce quality teachers and to serve as a podium for establishing a society based on ethics and excellence by providing a variety of activities to shape the personality of each trainee who will positively contribute to the "World of learning" with their selfless service & devotion to the profession. Qualitative teacher education to meet the ever impinging demands of 'knowledge society', to contribute towards 'knowledge economy', preparing teachers who are 'reflective' and 'affective' practitioners equipped with IT tools, fit to economically survive in the globalized & competitive- 'educational world' at the local, regional, national and international levels.


G.H.G. Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sadhar being a 'not-for-profit' organization, marches with a mission statement of "Mann Neeva, Mat Uchhi" (Humility of mind, Mellowness of thoughts), working for rural upliftment, up-keeping national and global standards, providing dynamic and competent secondary school teachers as well as teacher educators abreast with Indian ethos, modern educational technologies, imbued with 'die- hard' spirit of selfless service to the cause of education, to establish a learned society equipped to meet all exigencies of human development.