Skill enhancement provides the opportunity and knowledge for a individual to develop and strengthen the necessary skills to gain, maintain, and advance in a chosen area. Skill enhancement programs are focused around training that combines the best practices from education, psychology, social work, career counseling, sports, and technology training. Through skill training a person can improve their overall performance in any identified area and in so doing can improve the overall quality of life. Skill enhancement or training typically uses a combination of cognitive and behavior problem solving approaches, both of which are used to strengthen a person's positive skill develop.

Soft skill training is provided to the students to understand the role of listening skills in effective communication, expose students to neutral accent, acquire decision making, problem solving and assertive skills. Seminars and workshops are organized for the students to enhance their presentation skills, inter-personal skills, team building, emotional intelligence and decision making. Lectures are delivered on motivation and personality by eminent personalities from institutions and industries. Soft skill development is a part of the regular curriculum. Soft skill training is provided to the students by the training, guidance and placement department of the institution.

Teacher Incharge : Prof. Gursharan kaur

Contact Number : 9878605258

Institution is having English language laboratory which has systems with required accessories and software. The objective is to enable students to attain fluency and proficiency in professional communication and to meet the growing demand in the field of global communication. It enables students to improve their lexical, grammatical and communicative competence through the self-instructional, multimedia and language learning software.

It helps the students to acquire their ability to speak effectively in real life situations .

Students shall have hands on training in improving listening skill in the language laboratory. Students can also utilize the laboratory after the working hours. Communicative English is a part of the regular curriculum in few programmes which includes practical sessions in the language laboratory.

Teacher Incharge : Prof. Navjit Singh

Contact Number : 9803232069

Our institution organizes regular yoga and meditation classes for students and faculty members in order to enhance their physical and mental health. Yoga camp is being organized regularly. Every year International Yoga Day is observed in the institution. Trained yoga instructors from the department of the physical education conduct both theoretical and practical aspects of yoga for students. The sessions are conducted in the yoga hall.

Teacher Incharge : Prof. Arun Kumar

Contact Number : 7888471805

The technological advancements in the real world impose the students to aware about the utilization of new technologies. The curriculum is revamped yearly once to incorporate the courses with respect to awareness of the trends and current skill requirements. Core competence is also the prime focus in the design of the curriculum which directly influences the competency developed by the students for core industry. Curriculum is enriched through value added courses which are brought under compulsory credit requirements.

Teacher Incharge : Prof. Hardeep Kaur

Contact Number : 9872033016