Prohibition of Ragging

  1. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited, within the premises of the institution as well as on public transport. An Anti-ragging committee has been established for the safety of students and to prevent any misbehavior and misconduct in the premises.

  2. Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline. A strict disciplinary action against those who indulge in anysuch act willbetaken.

  3. Ragging means any act, a conduct or practice by which dominance, power or status of senior students is brought to bear on students freshly enrolled or students who are in any way considered junior or inferior by other students and includes individual or collective acts or practices which include:

    • Pedagogy of Science/ Life Science;
    • Pedagogy of Physical Science;
    • Pedagogy of any one language i.e. English/Hindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit.

College Discipline

  1. All the students are required to maintain discipline in the college.

  2. Wilful destruction of college property and causing disruption in any manner, of the academic functioning of the college will be considered as gross misconduct.

  3. The students are required to carry Identity card and Library card to college every day. Failure to produce Identity/Library card on demand of a competent authority will lead to disciplinary action/imposition of fine.

  4. Students should maintain silence in the SILENCE ZONE(corridors, inside and outside the classroom and Library).

  5. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in all academicarea of the campus.

  6. It is compulsory for the students to attend cocurricular functions/co-curricular activities organized by the college on various occasions.

  7. The students are advised to see regularly the notices displayed on the college/hostel noticeboard.

  8. Students must pay their fee/dues on or before prescribed deadline failing which appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Attendance Rules

  1. The students are required to attend all theory lectures and practical classes. Practical in the laboratory are counted separately for the purpose of attendance.

  2. According to the University Rules, the minimum percentage of attendance required in theory and practicals is 80%, failing which students will be detained from appearing in the university examinations.

  3. Three sessional examinations are conducted by the college in a semester. Students are required to appear and pass all three sessional examinations.

  4. If a student remains absent from the institute without leave continuously for two weeks, his/her name will be struck off from the college rolls.

Leave Rules for the Student

  1. Leave for two days may be sanctioned by the class counselor/teachers and for more than two days sanction from Principal is required.

  2. It is mandatory to submit a medical certificate froma qualified doctor for sick leave.

  3. This Prospectus is subject to alteration(s) and modification without any prior notice.

  4. This prospectus is for information only and does not constitute a legal document.