A Peep in to the College Library

Library being one of the very important part of educational system and it is the centre of knowledge in the campus. The college library is rich in reading material with the total number of volumes 7156, including reference books 2150, total title are 2442, number of e-books (INFLIBNET) 12426. The college library has also been subscribed with 23 e-Jornals with Bentham Science Pharmacy Collection (Backfile Access Since - 2000), 08 International and 28 National Journals. The facilties of Plagiarism Checker Software and Experimental Pharmacology Series (Ex-Pharm Series) Software are made available in the college library. The library has a separate Repographic Section with Internet facility. The institutions have seven storeyed central library with two floors ready and functional, one floor has been exclusively earmarked for college of pharmacy.

Important Guidelines to follow :

  • The library being the sanctum sanctorum for your learning. Please maintain the sanctity of the Institution. Don't indulge in tearing off, marking or dog-earing of the pages of the book. You may be penalized for the damaged book.
  • Don't keep back the book on wrong shelf. Since a book misplaced is a book lost. Make the best use of the library material: books, CDs, DVDs, Journals and periodicals.
  • We value our clientele's Co-operation for the smooth functioning of the library.

Library Committee

  • Ms. Manpreet Kaur, Convener
  • Mr. Rajmeent Singh, Member
  • Mr. Rajan, Library In-charge
Bentham Science