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P.G. Department of Physical Education

Games and sports are an integral part in the life of an individual. A healthy sport culture helps in the development of physical competencies among children. Physical fitness and competencies help in instilling the quality of sportsmanship among the youth, which can decrease the crime rate in the society. Physical fitness helps not only in making a person to be worthy and valuable, but it can also give the country and society the best citizens. If we wish to have physical fitness of the future generation, we must make today's students strong, healthy and competent; especially we should make future parents strong and healthy. Proper and systematic training of physical education gives robust health and physical competencies to the future youth of the country and thus provides strong and healthy youth for the foundation of a strong nation. By this way only, we can create a strong nation. This is possible only when an environment is created which is suitable for the development of physical competencies. Following the motto "Never Say -Die," the Department of Physical Education has established in 1948. The aim of the Department is to prepare professional leaders of Physical Education who will serve the Nation by their professional knowledge and skill. The department has produced many players at the National and International level in various games and brought laurels to the college. The Physical Education Department is making consistent progress in various fields. In fact, this department is the nursery of internationally recognized sports persons. The department has produced as many as 4 Olympians, 4 Arjuna Awardee and many more players who have represented India in the International arena. Since 1948, the department has also organized various tournaments like- inter-college, inter-university, state and national from time to time. Major tournament organized by department, was women senior national football championship in 2001, which was covered by the entire national and international sports channel.


Seq. Programme Duration Type Seats
1 M.P.Ed. 2 Years Post Graduate 40
2 B.A. 3 Years Under Graduate open
3 B.P.Ed. 2 Years Under Graduate 100
Seq. Name Photograph Designation Contact No.
1 S. Tejinder Singh S. Tejinder Singh Associate Professor +91-95014-87200
2 Dr. Manohar Lal Dr. Manohar Lal Professor +91-99154-99322
3 Mr. Kuldeep Chand Mr. Kuldeep Chand Assistant Professor +91-78884-34832
4 Mr. Shashi Kant Mr. Shashi Kant Assistant Professor +91-70095-82697
5 Ms. Kiran Ms. Kiran Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Suneeta Devi Dr. Suneeta Devi Associate Professor +91-98109-28891
7 Ms. Anuradha Ms. Anuradha Assistant Professor
8 Mr. Kulwinder Singh Mr. Kulwinder Singh Assistant Professor +91-98880-43007
9 Dr. Baljinder Singh Dr. Baljinder Singh Assistant Professor +91-98150-40500
10 Dr. Kulbir Singh Dr. Kulbir Singh Assistant Professor +91-98728-44744
Seq. Name Photograph Designation Contact No.