The library has following library resources for staff and students

Numerous books are added to the college library stock every year. At present the college library has:

  1. 25,666 Books with Titles-9970 (including text - books) with computerized catalogue
  2. 28 Educational Journals (National 21, International 01, NCERT 06)
  3. 28 Prescribed Magazines
  4. Encyclopedia- 25
  5. 452 Dissertations
  6. 1094 Back Volumes
  7. 11 daily newspapers in English, Hindi, Punjabi are available
  8. 65 e-books on various subjects/topics.
  9. Two international on-line e-journals besides membership of British Library.
  10. Book Bank facility (free books issued to students for the whole session)
  11. Libman software is used in the library
  12. Seven P.Cs. with internet in the cyber Library.
  13. Photostat machine for student's use.
  14. The library has two reading rooms, one research section, one Reference section, administrative and technical section, etc.
  15. Research section-The institute has a special Research and Dissertation cell in the library to carry forward the task of research in the field of education at the post-graduation level. It consists of no. of national and international journals, educational surveys, research books, dissertations, Ph.D theses, research oriented magzines etc. This cell provides the best resources to pursue the research work under one roof.

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