Central Student' Council

The college has an active student council which is democratically elected. The members of this Council are chosen from the five houses viz. Joy, Peace, Hope, Glory and Harmony and they participate in all the meetings of Central Students' Council which are periodically organized in the Principal's office. These members are responsible for smooth conduct of College activities like discipline, cultural, sports, academic, extension etc. Thus the council serves the purpose of training the students in self-discipline and assuming responsibility of actions. They also help to voice the problems of students in a right manner before the administration and in working out plausible solutions. The following students were selected as the members of Central Students' Council of the college for the session 2019-20:

Name of Class Section S.No Name of Student Class Roll No
M.Ed - III Sem. - 1. Harjinder Singh 355
- 2. Manpreet Kaur 363
M.Ed - I Sem. - 3. Sukhman Sidhu 403
- 4. Rupinder Kaur 401
B.Ed - III Sem. A 5. Prabhdeep Kaur 201
6. Gurdeep Singh 227
B.Ed - III Sem. B 7. Misha 242
8. Ravinder Singh 246
B.Ed - I Sem. A 9. Aasheema Bansal 107
10. Gourav Bumar 115
B.Ed - I Sem. B 11. Bindia Jhanji 150
12. Gurpreet Singh 108